Sunday, September 26, 2010

808 RIDGE - Community College Coffee House Crowd (1969)

808 Ridge is presented as a record of coffee house sessions
throughout the 1968-69 college year.
This record has , different music styles from different artists,
a record without any conection between the songs.
This is a Various Artist Lp ,
very rare at these days and never reissued at any format.

The highlights are the first 3 songs of Harry Waller .
The song "GIFT" by Margaret Brown is one of the best songs ever heard in my life!!
Excellent also the songs of St. Thomas.
Songs of Morgan Donato and Rich Russo in more folk vein.Listen "Harry Waller - Birth"

Listen "Margaret Brown - Gift"

Track List
a1.Harry Waller - Soldier
a2.Harry Waller - Merely Gone
a3.Harry Waller - Birth
a4.Morgan Donato - Charmaine
a5.Morgan Donato - Memories
b1.St. Thomas - All Allong The Watchtower
b2.St. Thomas - I sall be released
b3.St. Thomas - Tears of Rage
b4.Margaret Brown - Gift
b5.Rich Russo - Beach House

Rip at 320@ as always

DAYLE STANLEY - After The Snow (1963)

This is the second and finally effort of Dayle
( the first Lp had post here).
More dark , melancholy and without the magic
of "Child of Hollow Times" Lp ,
but plesant as the voice of Dayle is just a dream.Listen "Cry The Mountains White"

Listen "Letter From The Willow Tree"

Track List
a1.After The Snow
a2.Cry The Mountains White
a3.The Yonghy-Bonghy-Bo
a4.Pretty Saro
a5.Lone Night Song
b1.Words Without Music
b3.The Years
b4.Letter From The Willow Tree
b5.Come O My Love

After the Snow

Saturday, September 25, 2010


Any infos for this beauty are welcome...

Listen "All These Moments"

Listen "Lonely Street"


1776 - Same

First was "The Quintels"
(also known as Bobby & The Quintels and The Kwintels).
After The Kwintels broke up there was "The Tea" .
After that was born 1776 band

For more infos check this

Track List
A1 Memories
A2 But It's All
A3 The Way You Are
A4 Sadman
A5 Only You Know & I Know
B1 Jesus Is Just Alright
B2 Brothers & Sisters
B3 Your My Woman
B4 Look
B5 Country Star Listen "Jesus is Just Allright"

1776 promotional photo (taken from


Sunday, September 12, 2010

(by request) Bob Kolve - Chase The Clouds Away (1982)

From the back of cover

It is not accident that Bob Kolve left his Washington State home and traveled over 300 miles to New York to record this album. He was seeking the best sound, musicianship and creative atmosphere to formularize his unique style. Having recorded at Demo-Vox Sound Studio in Brooklyn in 1979, he returned where he could work undisturbed with engineer/producter Frank Grassi. But, unlike their earlier efforts "Dreams" and "Neptune's Sea", a new dimension to Bob's talent evolved when writer Jim Hayden and arranger/writer Tony Kessier joined the creative team with some exciting material.

What emerges on this record is a new blend of simple country rock stirring ballads, and slick, sophisticated jazz-rock. This work then is a fusion of Bob's personal tastes and the "New York Influence". Predictable... NO. Exciting and Entertaining... DEFINITELY!

Now back in the "Evergreen State", Bob is receiving enthusiastic reviews in the many clubs and lounges where he appears.

In an age of inflation, poor record sales due in large part to disappointing music, and pessimism about the future, we invite you to take this album home... it's the kind of album you used to buy... and it's just to "Chase Your Clouds Away".

From Mike Musiclover
"Neptune's Sea" song is Highly recommended for me.
But really I don't like this lp. Maybe you find it more interesting by me .
Anyway as this is very rare , here is your chance to listen before starting to search for this.

Listen "Neptune's Sea"

Track list
A1 Loving Is So Tender
A2 Here I Am
A3 The Strongest of Love
A4 Together
A5 Innocence
B1 I Was Clark Gable You Were Vivian Leigh
B2 Follow Me
B3 Dreams
B4 Neptune's Sea
B5 Chace Your Clouds Away

Chase the clouds....

Spiritwood - S/T (1979)

Tanrydoon label out of New Berlin, Pa.
Private pressing from 1979.
Excellent melodic folk duo with a psych/rural flavor.

Listen "Town of my Birth"

Listen "Little Maggie"

Track List
a1.March Wind
a3.Encore Please
a4.Handsome Molly
b1.Oregon Skies
b2.Town of my Birth
b3.Love on Silver Wings
b4.Little Maggie
b5.Harbour Knight


Winged Stallion - Journey's Long (1984)

Very obscure local private pressing from california
folk based lp with male/female vocals and lots of backing.
From 1984 but with a 70\'s vibe. Hippie electric folk with acid tinges
and great instrumentation (guitars, bass, drums, mandolin, percussion, violin, horns...)

Listen "Hard Road to Glory"

Track List
a1.Caught Between The Phases
a2.Just Being Here
a3.Dawn Of Love
b1.Journey's Long
b2.Running Water
b3.Hard Road To Glory