Friday, March 6, 2009

My 45's collection - No4 (garage)

All stuffs here , are Non LP Tracks !! Maybe some artists/groups have LP's discography . But the tracks that I present here , aren't included in lp !! In some cases you can find some of these, in Various Artists Collections or Best of etc.

Beau Allen - Georgia Ground USA
Dale Kahr & Christy Boughn - Black is Black USA
Johnny Thunder - I'm Alive USA
Jon & Robin and The In Crowd - Love Me Baby USA
Les Sunlight - Gadget suspect FRANCE
Rojay Gotee - -She Don't Love Me Anymore USA
The Feathers - Tryin' To Get To You USA
The Gentrys - Goddess of Love USA
The Loved Ones - Together , Together USA
The Shades - Ballot Bachs USA
The Sparkles - Something That You Said USA
The Talismen - Casting My Spell USA
The Talismen - Masters of War USA

320@ (artwork included)
Get it !!


  1. Hi, do you have these 45s:

    darkseid - land of the darker sun
    litte rose - trip to the moon


  2. No my friend , I haven't these two 45's.