Friday, November 27, 2009


From Acid Archives
An extraordinary excercise in turned-on 1960s cool from an odd band with 3 guys and 3 gals, performing a tongue-in-cheek Men vs Women thematic dual on most of the 12 tracks. Obviously inspired by the Lee & Nancy and Sonny & Cher duets, with a tough garage folkrock edge added. The Yays & Nays bend their gents vs ladies concept at precisely the right places to create a unique, clever and funny experience. The women come out on top, at least the way I heard it. The gals sing ensemble, while the guys (or the main guy) is typically solo and often moves into a "manly" Elvis/Lee H crooning that's just right for the trip. Excellent, varied songwriting. Hard to describe accurately, and it needs to be heard by any 1960s fan. Cool cover shows the band clad in vintage gear in a swamp, probably some sort of subliminal message.

A1 Gotta Keep Travelling
A2 Nature Is My Mother
A3 Some Do, Some Don't
A4 Contrary Mary
A5 Easy Woman
A6 It's What's Happening Baby
B1 Call Me a Dog
B2 If
B3 Take It Easy Baby
B4 Let It All Hang Out
B5 What Women Do
B6 On stage Revelations

Rip by me

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  1. Thanks for this rare and beautiful album.Waiting impatiently the Middle Earth-Axe post annouced with Yays&Nays last week.