Monday, November 8, 2010

Doreen Kostynuik - I Wish You Rainbows

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Doreen bears it all on this solo journey.
While there are some standard (original) folk and bluegrass songs,
the real interesting parts are on the spoken-word tracks.
On these songs she opens up on a personal level which at first made me feel uncomfortable,
but over time became bearable owing to the poetic nature of its telling.
There is an especially interesting self-revelation recorded over herself singing and playing the guitar. The album was recorded in Ottawa with no indication of the year.

Listen "Time-Re Time"

Track List
a1.Justice Has No Voice
a2.It's Been A Hard Day
a3.Time-Re Time
a4.I'm Not Afraid
a6.My Lord Is A Healer

b1.One Beginning
b2.A Piece Of Crystal
b3.Before We Pray
b4.The Beggar
b5.I Am A Pigrim



  1. Mike, you are so spot on with all 3 of these posts, all albums are just great with fine songs and fine singing and playing. Hats of for your excellent taste my friend.

  2. Poly kalo blog Mike.Thanks gia ta 2 album tou Joey Long.
    dj fanis

  3. do you have any of bob pattersons albums? thanks

  4. Unfortunatlly I haven't any bob pattersons album

  5. Do you have Cheryl Ernst - always beginning?