Sunday, November 8, 2009

Associated Soul Group - Top Hits Of Today

From Acid Archives
Contessa (CON 15012) 1967 USA
This lp is one of the more celebrated and rated examples of a subgenre which tends to go under the banner of exploito, which has gained interest and become more collectable in the last few years.
5 tracks recycled on the "Projection Company" lp; covers include a great version of "Are you Experienced" (T.Swift & The Electric Bag do this too) ... complete track list...

A1 Are You Experienced
A2 Up Up And Away
A3 Mac Arthur Park
A4 What Else
A5 Don't Think Twice
B1 Sounds Of Silence
B2 Uh Uh Uh
B3 I Can't Stand It
B4 Scarborouch Fair
B5 Wild Times
B6 Our Man HendrixProbably is the same group that ,has realise 3 lp's with diferent Group Name. As "Firebirds" lp Light my Fire, as "31 Flavors" lp Hair , as "Electric Firebirds" lp Dance Party Time .


Information By Vernon Joynson Book "Fuzz Acid and Flowers"

Highly Recommended for Exploito Lovers


  1. Many thankx for this curious album.

  2. I must hear this one aswell. Hair was surpricingly good and wasted

  3. THANKS MAN !!!!!!!!!

  4. Thank you so much for uploading all these obscure and ignored exploito LPs! Been waiting years to hear this group.
    But why are you using Rapidshit? Horrible piece of shit service. Please don't support them, there are so many better alternatives, like MegaUpload or Mediafire. Anyway, just a suggestion, as Rapidshit doesn't allow most people to even begin the download...

  5. At My latest posts use Mediafire.Yes, rapidshare is rapidshit.

  6. Hello, I found the link to your blog on zip your rip, Anon left it there in a comment about another album of the same genre.

    I am very glad I found it, because I had not known of your blog before. Now I am going to look around a bit.

    The problems with rapodshit got better recently, actually. While there were serious problems with just getting a dl slot at all, now they are just giving waiting times of 13 minutes after a bigger dl. That is OK by me, I can handle that easily.

    On megaupload I have recently (late March)caught a bad malware! Luckily my hubby is an IT nerd, so he could fix it. But other people might lose some $$ to pay for help. Or buy a new computer...

    So far RS was the safest (when it is about malware, I mean)

    Thanks also for the infos and pictures!

  7. Thanks! Great wax to spin with some friends & cocktails. Lez dance!

  8. Not a mention yet, but most of the stuff on Contessa was Jerry Cole outtakes.

    I have one of the Contessa releases, and the channels are inverted!!! It's out of phase(sounds hollow) , and
    it has alternate Animated Egg tracks on it.