Sunday, October 4, 2009

The "HALLO" series from AMIGA label

I create this blog to present rare and seldom heard albums , but also intresting. Some for the first time in the Net , as Ray Hahrlowe ,Martha Velez , Captain Maryat etc. So, what we have now ? The "HALLO" series!! Or, what music there was, in the other side of BERLIN.
At early 70's AMIGA label start to present 12 compilations, from East Germany groups, with the title "HALLO" . Few groups are from East Europe . HALLO series has 12 lp's with the simple titles "HALLO Nr.1", "HALLO Nr.2" etc. There are also 2 lp's as "Best of 1" and "Best of 2" , (compilations with songs from HALLO 1-12)

At 1974,1975 and 1976 present 4 more lp's as "HALLO 74","HALLO1 75","HALLO2 75" and "HALLO 76". So, we have 16 total lp's exept the 2 "Best of". For farther information must visit

HALLO series 1-12 are Highly Recommended for me ...for two reasons . First of all has pure, virgin rock music . Second , these recordings are rare . Some groups haven't discography. Just made one or two songs .These songs are only in "HALLO" !! Others groups made only 45's and some of these songs, are here . How easyly you can find the "JECO DEV SEXTETT" single ?? These 2 killers tracks (and one more) are here!! At HALLO 1,3 and 8 !! Amazing Groups as SCIROCCO , BAYON ,ROTE GITARREN , ELECTRA COMBO are here in HALLO 1-12.

The other hand, some tracks are not so strong . So I decide rip ONLY the best of the best . Unfortunatly I haven't HALLO Nr10,11,12 ! I've made a compilation of 44 songs FROM HALLO 1- 9 . These 44 tracks are highly rated from me . Turn the volume on & enjoy this collection loud !! BUT VERY LOUD !!

Track list (collection from HALLO 1-9)

01.Rote Gitarren - Es brennen die Berge und Walder
02.Puhdys - Geh dem Wind nicht aus dem Wege
03.Joco Dev Sextett - Wir lagen im Grase
04.Scirocco Combo - Wege mit gutem Namen
05.Bayon - Stell dich mitten in den Regen
06.Rote Gitarren - Anfang
07.Bayon - Bayon-Suite
08.Puhdys - Turen offnen sich zur Stadt
09.Joco Dev Sextett - Stapellauf
10.Electra Combo - Das Lacheln
11.Klaus Renft Combo - Zwischen Liebe und Zorn
12.Skaldowie - Der Hirtenjunge ist gestorben
13.Puhdys - Steige nicht auf einen Baum
14.Electra Combo - Uber Feuer
15.Jurgen Kerth Quintett - Geburtstag im Internat
16.WIR - Schon wunderschon
17.2 + 1 - Heuernte (Na sianie)
18.Panta Rhei - Tuyet
19.Orchester Klaus Lenz - Esperanto
20.Stern Combo Meissen - Ein Tag in der Stadt
21.Pavol Hammel & Prudy - Abrakadabra
22.Klaus Renft Combo - Kinder, ich bin nicht der Sandmann
23.Klaus Renft Combo - Flusse und Tranen
24.Puhdys - Finde den Weg durchs Feuer
25.Klaus Renft Combo - Wandersmann
26.Omega - Untreue Freunde (hutlen baratok) +Blues
27.No To Co - Grunes Bruckchen
28.Omega - Reise auf dem grauen Flub
29.Singende Gitarren - Salaspilsz
30.Pavol Hammel & Prudy - Die sechs Weisen
31.Kalaka - Lopok kozott szegeny ender
32.W. Korda & Blau Schwarz - Lied uber die nackte Wahrheit
33.Omega - Sie ruft alle Tage herbei
34.Vaclav Neckar & Bazillen - Naruc Kras
35.Express - Leben um ein Mensch zu sein
36.Joco Dev Sextett - Du bist mir nah
37.Blues vital - Blues von der Fluchtigkeit der Zeit
38.Bayon - Die Nacht
39. Bayon - Die Lerche
40.Centric - Rauch am Horizont
41.Skaldowie - wo soll ich dich suchen
42.Blue Effect - Clara
43.Omega - Torekeny lendulet
44.Puhdys - Zeiten und Weiten SCIROCCO COMBO



  1. Thanks a lot Man !!!

  2. Post entire Hallo Nr.3, please.

  3. Thank You for this compilation very much! But I miss Studio 66 Nicht eine Stunde from Hallo Nr.3. Please post the link of missing track.

  4. This is a combilation of the hallo No1 to No9.
    Only 44 tracks . There are about 50 more tracks , not contained here . If found time I'll post also the others tracks

  5. There are about 50 more tracks , not contained here . If found time I'll post also the others tracks

    "Great idea friend"...


  6. I have the 10-12 in this series if you're interested let me know


  7. Finally I found one copy of the last 3 numbers . The link has a "best of" by me .Great idea If you found time to post also the others tracks.

  8. Vielen Dank! Die Wahrheit ist nicht in der Lage, ... Ich grüße Sie laden aus Russland!

  9. Hot cha! What a nice compilation!

  10. Hello!

    It seems that the download files are gone. It would be great if you could upload them again.


  11. Download Links at 320@
    PART 1

    PART 2

    PART 3

    or Directly at 192@

  12. Funny to see trhe Omega in this "rare records" collection 'beacause the're very well-known in my country (Hungary). People use to call them as the "Hungarian Rolling Stones". They've got a big discorgaphy they've got more than 10 Lp albums (with new songs not best of or etc.) maybe these German versions are rare. If you dig them I suggest you to listen "Lena" (English version: "Russiaon Winter") or just for fun their "Paint It Black" "No Milk Today" or "Bus Stop" with strange lyrics (that's why I always ask for the lyrics before I cover a song but the native Englishs are don't care....)