Friday, January 7, 2011


From Acid Archives

"Seekers Of The Truth" 1972 (Janco 7256) [insert]
Christian fringe-folk/incredibly strange artefact
featuring amateur organ/guitar folkrock on one side,
and priceless spoken word drug-head salvation stories
on the other. Amazing front cover and funny liner
notes. A must within the genre. [PL]
One side of beautiful haunting christian psychedelic
folk from former drug user turned preacher. Mahairas'
voice and guitar is backed by chamber orchestration
similar to that used on the Arthur Lee Harper album.
The second side of the LP is spoken word featuring
Tom and his wife giving testimony on how they turned
from drugs to religion; plenty of talk about drug use
and someone who "went insane" on LSD. Might have some
appeal to the fans of incredibly strange music. [MA]

Mike Musiclover said...
I rip only the side A because side B has testimony , no music.

Track List
a2.Seekers of the Truth
a3.The Death Of The Christ
a4.God and Man
a5.The Will Of God
b1.Tom's Testimony
b2.Vicky's Testimony
b3.Tom's Message



  1. thank you so much for this. I love these weird xian lps. please keep them coming

    rick k

  2. Firstly, many thanx for this incredibly obscure left-field weirdness. Secondly, I for one would love to hear the testimonials. Please post side B if you have a chance. I think it could give us listeners a deeper understanding of their psychology thus revealing more to us when we hear the music the next time. I imagine that it is a necessary part of the equation. Plus, to paraphrase John Cage, all sound is music. Peace

  3. No problem ,I'll post also the testimonials

  4. New link with side b