Tuesday, October 20, 2009

SWIRLING ECHOES - 12 unreleased tracks from greece

12 unreleased tracks from 11 greek 70's bands. All recordings made between 1973 and 1978. Bands included are : Bourboulia, Smile, K.Koukoutaras & Aziteis'i'ons, IXO, Anazitisi, Crisna, V. Hatzinikolaou & Erimites, Stavros, Rembeloi, Brothers.
Also a 7" single is included containing two tracks by Kastores. Heavy rock, progressive jazz, folk, greek ethnic, blues rock and 70's pop elements represent the greek 70's underground music scene. Envelope-like cover made of full coloured thick carton. Yet, two full coloured, illustraded, 4-pages posters/inserts. Bands' info and photos. Plus a photocopy of an original 1973 b/w gig-poster.
Track list
01.Bourboulia - Dimotiko (Traditional)
02.Smile - Petrines Kardies (Harts of Stone)
03.Koukoutaras - To Telos ( The End)
04.IXO - O Dikigoros (The Lawyer)
05.Anazitisi - Antropinos Ponos (Human Pain)
06.Crisna - Grapsto sta perierga (Odd Written)
07.Erimites & Vasilis Hatzinikolaou - Pater Sergios (Pater Sergius)
08.Stavros - Pou Pas (Where are you going)
09.Rebeloi - Zoriki Zoi ( Hard Times)
10.Brothers - Giati ( Why)
7" single
11.Kastores - ksenos zitianos (The Unknown Beggar)
12.Kastores - Polemos esti fonias ( War is the Murderer)

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  1. Great record ! Thanks for uploading it. All songs are fantastic especially the first two.
    "Petrines Kardies" is my favorite !

  2. A very interesting record. It reflects the Greek rock scene of the 70's after the "jounta" years. These groups had a lot of talent but they never made it as this was the worst period for rock artists in Greece...

  3. τον εχω το δισκο ,θεωρω οτι ειναι απλα καλος.

  4. χελο! επειδη δε δουλευει το λινκ μπορεις να το ξανανεβασεις?

  5. http://www.mediafire.com/download/etk0cnc68mwcmbv/VA_-_swirling_echoes.rar