Monday, February 14, 2011


And Now for Something Completely Different.
Enrique Lynch was a fairly well-known Peruvian orchestra
leader with many records.
"Sexympacto! " is totally diferent .
Really solid stuff and different from his more
typical salsa and guaracha centric LPs.
Enrique Lynch on a more rock-oriented, latin soul vibe,
doing covers and originals.

P.S. don't ask me ....I havent other record for rip

Track List
a1.Pantaloncitos Calientes-Sigue Moviendote (Keep On Moving)
a2.Bailando Con La Dolores-El Poncho
a3.Encontre Un Nino(Found a Child)-Damelo A Mi(Give It To Me)
a4.Si Supieras Amor Mio-Ahora Se Que Me Quieres
a5.Historia De Amor
b1.Nini-Adolescente Iterno
b2.Nina Piel De Arena - Viva Tirado
b3.Rosa Marchita-Rosas En La Oscuridad
b4.Chachita-El Titicaca
b5.Alegria Al Mundo(Joy To The World)-
Pon Tu Mano En La Mano(Put Your Hand In the Hand)