Tuesday, November 10, 2009


Here is a MUSIC blog .I don't promote or blame any religius ideas
exept PEACE & LOVE

Six years searching to found a decent copy to replace my copy (it's not so good) and still searching !!
I had saw it one more time in a bad condition (not bought it).

I'm not a fun of "Jesus Rock" music. But some records of this genre/style is amazing .One of my fave is this one .The first lp of Danny Taylor [Jubal Records Ju-2801 1971 Usa]. Some information for this man are here http://www.one-way.org/jesusmusic/index.html (I can't found something more).

Also,I can't tell something more ....just listen all of you this lp.....one of the most beautiful song ever heard is the "How About You"

Track List
01.Talk'in About Jesus
02.Let The Children Play
04.Good Morning Jim
05.Woman Oh Woman
06.Good Morning Neighbor
07.The Eyes of The Saint
08.Lady of Roses
09.How About You
10.Sleepy Children

For peace & love click here

Complete Discography (?)
1971 Taylor Made {Jubal}
1972 Live At Carnegie Hall {Tempo/Impact}
1973 At Carnegie Hall {Tempo}
1976 A Time For Love {Tempo}
1978 I'm Not A One Man Show (2 LPs) {NewPax}

Apears also at
1976"Matthews Taylor & Johnson" - S/T (NewPax Records, NP 33014).


  1. Jesus Musica are great records friend. Agape, Excursions, Fraction, .....

    Thank you for the music.

  2. I'm bound to agree with you Mike, this is a realy great record. Thank you for posting it.

  3. Great xian record, thanks for posting it here.

  4. Thank for the gift man beautiful voice's

    Elias Msdr

  5. you have agreat blog and thank you for this post.God bless.

  6. I have copies of all the music of Danny Taylor on vinyl, excellent condition, not for sale, in process of transferring to CD. Danny passed away Jan. 15, 2010, in Nashville, TN. He and I were very close friends and had a recording studio together until May 2007. I was at his home a month before his passing. Dave O'Connor

  7. Sad news DAVID !! I have this record , so I can hear his voice until passed away and I ......

    also I searching for the others recocords of danny

  8. I recently picked up a copy of this LP but it is on Neoteric Records out of Freeville, NY. Do you have any idea which label initially put out this LP. I agree that it is an awesome LP.

  9. Dear Basic , really i don't know !

    Neoteric and Jubal has the same anddress and maybe has some connection between the 2 labels

  10. Danny was my music mentor in 70-71 while we were both part of the "Love-Inn" community. I can't remember which label came out first - my copies of the albums and 45's are long gone, but the first version was independently produced and I'm thinking it was Jubal. There were no studios in Freeville - just the commune, but that's the address he used for the publishing company.

  11. I have a copy of this record which Danny signed for me. I organized a Danny Taylor concert at Cornell University's student union -Willard Straight Hall. Great musician.