Sunday, September 26, 2010

808 RIDGE - Community College Coffee House Crowd (1969)

808 Ridge is presented as a record of coffee house sessions
throughout the 1968-69 college year.
This record has , different music styles from different artists,
a record without any conection between the songs.
This is a Various Artist Lp ,
very rare at these days and never reissued at any format.

The highlights are the first 3 songs of Harry Waller .
The song "GIFT" by Margaret Brown is one of the best songs ever heard in my life!!
Excellent also the songs of St. Thomas.
Songs of Morgan Donato and Rich Russo in more folk vein.Listen "Harry Waller - Birth"

Listen "Margaret Brown - Gift"

Track List
a1.Harry Waller - Soldier
a2.Harry Waller - Merely Gone
a3.Harry Waller - Birth
a4.Morgan Donato - Charmaine
a5.Morgan Donato - Memories
b1.St. Thomas - All Allong The Watchtower
b2.St. Thomas - I sall be released
b3.St. Thomas - Tears of Rage
b4.Margaret Brown - Gift
b5.Rich Russo - Beach House

Rip at 320@ as always


  1. Another realy interesting album in your blog Mike, I hope you don't mind me borrowing a copy. Thank you very much for all these great shares you make inhere.

  2. Thank you very much.Fantastic.

  3. Un disco muy bueno. Todo un descubrimiento para mi. Muchas gracias. Thankx a lot.

  4. this is very nice. do you happen to have the 71 album?


  5. nice blog. I added you to my friend list on my blog.