Saturday, January 2, 2010

ALLISON - People From Outer Space

Allison is a exceptional Greek neo-psychedelic band, which was formed in 2003 by HUMAN GRAPE guitarist, 3 ex PURPLE OVERDOSE members and an interesting female singer.
The band has opened for groups such as the Fuzztones, the Electric Prunes, Radio Birdman, the Walkabout etc. during their recent Athens performances.
With People from Outer Space, their first album, ALLISON may well look straight into the eyes of the best contemporary neo-psychedelic/ progressive, spacerock groups worldwide.
English lyrics

01.People from outer space
02.San francisco nightmare
03.Everyday Sunday
04.Keep on rolling
05.Midnight love
06.California sun
07.Run and hide
08.Midnight ride
09.Good reason
10.Call of the wild

Highly Recommended


  1. Not my bag of cookies neo in any format but i thank you for all your efforts made Mike.

  2. Great post..i`m looking for th cd now..all best mike

  3. Many thankx for this record.

  4. Another excellent post, thank you my friend! You have great stuff at this blog, FANTASTIC job!