Thursday, January 28, 2010


Excellent guitarist Bill Nelson, was born in Wakefield and at early age playing guitar and organized a variety of bands. Northern Dream is the first solo Lp (1971)
Holyground was a meeting place for Wakefield's beat scene, and Nelson was invited to play on records released by the studio's own label, also called Holyground. He played guitar on a track on the 1971 album, "A-Austr", a titled culled from an encyclopaedia reference. He also performed on three songs on "Astral Navigations", a similar LP assembled by the Holyground collective, together with Preston heavy rock band Thundermother. The albums were sold through the Record Bar, but their tiny pressing runs led to them fetching huge sums on the progressive rock market by the mid-1980'sMore Bill Nelson here
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  1. Thankx for posting this nice record!!! Great.


  2. Stunning stuff, thanks Mike for the oportunity to hear this great album.

  3. A-Austr & Astral Navigations are a little master pieces. Thank you for this great record, but track 6 & 8 can not be decompressed, files are corrupt.

    Thankx againg. Great work in this place.

  4. Corrupt files, new upload please. 2 tracks missing.

  5. Thanks for this one!

    But I got CRC error with T6 & T8.

    Could you please reup the album?

    Thanks in advance!

  6. Problems on tracks 6&8(very strange noise).Rest of the album very good,specially guitar playing of this artist.

  7. This is not my fault but Mediafire . Sorry but Mediafire is good for download , but very strange for free-user uploaders. You can download the 2 missing tracks (No 6 and No8) here

    New Link fixed in the description

  8. Northern Dream CD Track Listings Wrong. (That's the search I used in Google and didn't find anything. Maybe this will help someone else. Read on to find out why the tracks are listed the way they are.)

    I've been hunting for the CD for some time, until I finally found one for under $40 in eBay. (Hah! caught you guys snoozing, didn't I?)

    I immediately ripped it and played it in my car. I couldn't figure out why the tracks seemed out of order from the listing on the CD as well as CDDB. 12 Tracks, 12 songs, yet it seemed like starting with Everyone's Hero, I was one track ahead of the song title.

    So, I pulled out my vinyl record and did a comparison to figure out how they screwed up the CD. However, it turns out the CD is faithful to the pressing I have, on Smile Records.

    Photograph and Everyone's Hero are both on Track 1, which corresponds to Band 1 on the LP. Then the other songs line up until you get to Smiles. If you read the lyrics for Smiles, you see that it has two parts, and these are split up into two tracks, and on the vinyl LP, they are indeed two bands.

    I don't remember noticing this years ago (OK, decades ago) when I bought the LP, but the track listing is just as confusing on the jacket versus the bands on the LP as it is on the CD.

    So, the track confusion and splitting / combining songs is faithful to the original pressing!

    You'll also notice that some tracks are a little trebly, and some are a little noisy. Again, faithful to my vinyl pressing!

    Now that I realize that, I wouldn't have it any other way!

    Because playing vinyl is difficult in my setup, I'm glad I finally have it in digital form, and didn't have to resort to mastering my own CD of the vinyl.

    CD Track Listing as I have it:
    01 Photograph (a beginning) / Everyone's Hero
    02 House of Sand
    03 End Of the Seasons
    04 Rejoice
    05 Love's a Way
    06 Northern Dreamer
    07 Bloo Blooz
    08 Sad Feelings
    09 See It Through
    10 Smiles [Part 1]
    11 Smiles [Part 2]
    12 Chymepeace (an ending)

    I didn't find any comments about this anywhere. So, maybe this will help someone else.


  9. Thanx Lurker for infos . I must say also, several cd reissues from 60's and 70's are just vinyl rips.

  10. Thanks for sharing this first bill nelson effort...liked be bop deluxe but these early albums are excellent......very nice...cheers.

  11. downloading currently. i just stumbled on this and am happy... hope all tracks work. i own the actual album! not sure where i got it, but it was when i was introduced to be bop deluxe in the drastic plastic era (yeah, a bit late, but i'm not too old now and was literally a precocious little kid then!). THANKS.