Monday, March 23, 2009


FROM ACID ARCHIVES This hard rock album has a few really killer tunes mixed in with pedestrian heavy blues and two long instrumentals (both are covers of well-known 60s songs, where the chord progressions are used as a basis for jamming. Different idea, but the jams are only OK). Overall it's a really patchy album but is recommended to hard rock fans for the good songs. The UK version apparently has two songs that are not on the US version and vice versa. The Japanese press has the same songs as the US press and is on blood-red vinyl. [AM]
A standard mix of originals and popular covers, but the results sported a distinctively heavy, Hendrix-inspired sound. Propelled by Gossan's likeable voice and Dangel and Johansen's twin leads extended guitar rave-ups like "Crackpot" and their Byrds/Stones instrumental medley should strike a chord with the two hard rock fans out there reading this. Elsewhere another "Hey Jude" cover wouldn't have sounded like the year's most imaginative move, but these guys managed to pull it off. Envision the song redone as an instrumental with a heavy edge that would have sounded good on an early Allman Brothers album... In fact the only real disappointment is the routine bluesy closer "Gonna' Lay Down 'n Die". Much better than the standard references would have you think, and surprisingly hard to find in decent shape. [SB]

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