Sunday, November 8, 2009


NOT a psychedelic record . Just rock& roll with fuzz guitars and horns , from USA 1967 on Costum Label . All Tracks are instrumental & very plesant to my ears. I love it & I would like to share it with you.
The same Group (I can Found the line up) has also a second effort (AVOID IT) called "More Psychedellic Guitars" .
Note the dubious spelling of PsychedeLLic !

Track List
A1 Let's Ride Again
A2 Take a Trip
A3 Flowers
A4 Love In
A5 Psychedellic Ripple
B1 Coming On
B2 Unchained Soul
B3 Way Out
B4 Take Me Back
B5 Psychedellic Guitars


  1. Thanks! How can you go wrong with a title and cool cover like that?

  2. I just found this at a record store here in Rochester NY! I agree with your review! You have a great blog here my friend!

  3. Interesting stuff. This is actually a famous L.A. session musician Jerry Cole on guitar plus some back-up studio crew. Jerry done lotsa hot rod/surf records in the 60's with different groups as The Stingers, The Scramblers, The Hot Rodders, The Hornets, The Blasters... This Lp gathered some of these recordings. Cheers!

  4. Thanks for all the marvelous work!!! Can you re-up this, link seems to have gone dead Thanks!

  5. New link

  6. thank you, Julia hayes