Monday, February 15, 2010


Unrated Jazzrock group, released 2 lp the first one under the name SYMPHONIC METAMORPHOSIS and with the same line up this one "Dynamic Arena" .
You can hear some excellent tunes in the same vein as the first lp , side b is awesome .
Metamorphosis is a group of 8 musicians from Detroit Sympony Orchestra.
The line up: Robert Pangborn,Thomas Bacon,Sam Tundo,
Donald Haas,Dennis Smith,Ervin Monroe,Arthur David Krehbiel,Robert Cowart

Track list
1.Earth Mover
2.No More Place For A Man
3.You Took My Love
4.Heavy World
5.Love Is Forever
6.Girl With The Flaxen Hair
7.Lady No
8.Still Night
9.Liberated Woman
The first lp is here
Dynamic Arena here


  1. I never saw the other lp on mystery poster iste..I`m sure gonna go get that if its still viable..many thanks for another great band /album..all best mate

  2. Wow...!!!!! Great music.