Wednesday, March 4, 2009

G R A V E - 1

original 100copies some with diffrent cover

The one and only album by Grave was recorded in 1975 in Jugendhaus Brinkum near Bremen by most simple techniques. Although remarkable, you may criticize the unprofessional recording techniques.A very amateurish recording where only two microphones were used. No hifi. The original album is one of the most expensive in Germany. From the area of Bremen near the North Sea coast. In my opinion the soundrecording is like the first lp of ULTIMATE SPINACH ! Just we going into a studio to play music & nothing else..Then , WE TAKES HEADS FOR THE NEXT 30 YEARS!!!!!!
alternative original cover

The music is progressive-undergound with heavy and melodic parts .I can't rate this lp !! Because , is one of my 10 fave records from germany !!
reissue cover plus 4 tracks

Highly recommended!!
Get it !!

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  1. and how close and warm they sound! (just wonder if my grave will be this friendly..)

    thanx 4 this n everything else around. nicest.