Friday, October 23, 2009


A collection of the bands rare 45s, along with five more, until now unreleased studio recordings, plus three home demos. Dateline 1966 - the Pacific Northwest of the USA - a hotbed for numerous local and regional bands following the tradition of the renowned North West Fratrock of the Kingsmen or the uncompromising Rock & Roll of The Sonics and Wailers. Not so the United Travel Service. They were sadly overlooked at the time but are now revered for their two brilliant, killer folkadelic 45 releases "Wind And Stone b/w Drummer Of Your Mind" and "Gypsy Eyes b/w Echo Of You". The UTS were mainly influenced by the San Francisco scene, Garage Rock and the Byrds. Their high quality repertoire, written by guitarist Ben Hoff and produced by New Tweedy Brothers producer Rick Keefer, would have made a classic local psychedelic album if released back then.
Here is the long overdue legacy of one of the Northwests finest psychedelic bands.Track List
01.Wind and Stone
02.Drumer of your Mind
04.Like Me
05.The Slightest Possibility +
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06.Gypsy Eyes(Final)
07.Echo Of You
08.Gypsy Eyes(Version One)
09.Beyond The Rainbow
10.Crystal Land
11.Plastic Paradise

Highly recommended
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