Monday, November 8, 2010

Nancy Rhoades - Ballads & Blues

Rare to find folk record from USA
Unknown to me the date of released
Any infos are wellcome
Listen "Katie Cruel"

Track List
a1.All My Trials
a2.The Coo-Coo
a4.Every Night When The Sun Goes Down
a5.Polly Von

b1.Red Rosy Bush
b2.House of the Rising Sun
b3.Railroad Bill
b4.Little Girl
b5.Katie Cruel
b6.The Lass From The Low Country



  1. great versions of Cuckoo and Katie Cruel. Thanks for the opportunity to hear it.

  2. Just found this LP in a thrift shop in N.Carolina this past weekend. So far it sounds great. Noisy pressing though, unfortunately.

    1. How much did you pay for it? I just sold one and wonder if I got a fair price! LOL!

  3. Mike Musiclover: Thanks so much for the music,the enchanted sounds that make our days better... Loved the girls' voices(Dayle,Judy,Nancy). "Letter from the willow tree"(Dayle) sounds like a very very old song... is a sweet (at the same time,painful) inspiration.I agree with Doughboy's words:great and personal versions of "Kate Cruel" and "Cuckoo" (I heard another great Judy,Judy Collings singing this ballad...)
    Rockin-Hood is a Light for us,like you, the musiclovers. Long Live. Blessings!!! Thanks,Sincererly,and soon we will meet again!

  4. I heard ''All my trials'' sung by Peter, Paul & Mary and also by Joan Baez, but this version it's great too. Thanks!

  5. I heard ''All my trials'' sung by Peter, Paul and Mary, and also by Joan Baez, but this version is great too. Thanks!

  6. Just got the Nancy Rhoades LP and listening to it while I type this.
    I was not familiar with this singer but it looked interesting when I got a good condition used copy. This singer has an amazing voice -and only 17 when she recorded this album! Great versions of "All My Trials" "The Coo-Coo" "Little Girl" "Katy Cruel" "Polly Von."

    Just surprised that she did not become famous with her incredible talent as a really great singer!

    Tried to find a year of release on the album cover and on the LP but could not find a date indicated anywhere.

    1. It was recorded in 1965,,,recording was all that great but at the time it sounded great! Nancy is my sister and I a sure she is going to be amased at all of these responses!

  7. Nancy's high school reunion group is trying to locate her for fall reunion. Perhaps she will get in touch with the high school reunion group, since we'd all like to know how she is doing.

  8. I just sold a copy in my shop Hecho en Echo in Los Angeles. Oddly enough it was a gift from Peter Yarrow (Peter, Paul and Mary)