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Rare Danish hippie folk/psych outfit from 1971, with great long tracks and beautiful vocal harmonies with a stoned feeling all over. Excellent musicians with flute, congas, percussion, electric and acoustic guitars.
The band is formed by members of Green Grass, the legendary Tomrerclaus and Youngflowers.
Niels Skousen used Danish lyrics on all his albums. Herfra Hvor Vi Står (1971) was recorded as a duo with Peter Ingemann but the complete line up is...

Niels Skousen - guitars, vocals, harmonica
Knud Bjorno - flute, sax, vocals
Bjorn Uglebjerg - percussion, vocals
Peter Ingemann - bass, vocals
Tømrerclaus - electric guitar, bowed bass

Scented Gardens Of The Mind, has diferent line up . I belive the back cover.
One of my fave Danish records!!

Track List
01 - Isabel
02 - Svaert At Na Frem
03 - Fodbold
04 - Kaptajnen
05 - Knud Lavard
06 - Herfra Hvor VI Star

Highly Recommended!!
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Nothing in the net from the collectors !?!?! Even the RATE YOUR MUSIC site, hasn't something for this lp !! Ebay, Popsike...nothing !!The only informations that you can find, appears at his own site on MYSPACE

I rate it very high .
Maurizio "Angus" Bitoli are From Italy (50years old now as they said). "London" lp has originally released as a tape (early 90's I think). Finaly released in lp at 1996 from the tapes . The sound isn't good . It's one of the worst soundrecording ever heard !! The problem is bigger because, the vinyl is very cheap, a bad press .
But nothing can destroy the amazing music of Angus !!!! This lp remind me the story of MARIANI , a lost gem with bad sound & high colectable after decades. Maybe some of you known Angus as guitar player of FINGERNAILS. .............................Side A............................Side B
......................................Back Cover

.......................................I like this guy !!!!

Amazing !! Highly Recommended!!
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If you found 1 track that not you like it, let me know it and I'll be shoot down this blog.

WOBBLE JAGGLE JIGGLE - Overflowing Bowl of Green Jelly

WOBBLE JAGGLE JIGGLE is a psychedelic band from Brighton which get's it's inspiration both from the present and the past.The two big highlights of this band are the strong and sensuous voice of singer Caroline Davey(the grace of GRACE SLICK, combined with the power of JANIS JOPLIN) and the fabulous guitarplay of Robert Chambers, which shows obvious influences of legends like JIMI HENDRIX and SYD BARRETT. Since 1990, Have existed in Brighton, playing gigs around the south of England and parts of Belgium. For more info visit
Where once there was Wobble Jaggle Jiggle, there now is only..DADDY FANTASTIC
ROBERT CHAMBERS gtr, bass gtr, vcls
CAROLINE DAVEY vcls, keyb'ds, hrmnca

A1 Flame of life
A2 Toke & joke club
A3 Wasting my time
A4 Cosmic ride
A5 Force of feedback
B1 My room
B2 Dark stroll
B3 Travelling by armchair
B4 Smoking my reefer
B5 Goodnight

The voice of Caroline is amazing !!!!! This lp from 1994 it's also amazing !!! One of my fave records from 90's. Where is Caroline now? The only informations that I know is that, Carolin
also sang in Cherokee Mist for a while and recorded at least one album(unreleased).The best music CHEROKEE MIST recorded was with Caroline Davey from WOBBLE JAGGLE JIGGLE sharing the vocals with John Redfern. This was going to be released as an LP on the Tangerine label, until the master tapes dissapeared? She also sang for Mandragora on a track called"This is..."on their 1994 album"Temple Ball".......................I love you Caroline !!!!!!

Highly recommended
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Fantastic German psych/prog weirdness very much in the early '70s tradition.
Previously unreleased 1993 recordings by this band from Frankfurt. Psychedelic drenched, mainly instrumental jazz and blues rock powered by Hammond-B3 organ, flute and sax.Realise at 2001 (few copies in red & blue vinyls)
Track List
PART 1.The Sunny Side Up Please
PART 2.Energy From Primeval Times(Overture)
PART 3.Quite! In The Uncle's Brain Installation Laboratory
PART 4.There's Light At The End Of The Grotto!

PART 5.Extra Terrestrial Gravitation And Other Space Experiences
PART 6.It Works! It Breathes! It Lives!
PART 7.For No Return

Highly recommended
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Peter Kortmann (guitar), Manfred Dietmers (drums), Roger Röttges (bass), Daniel Toplak (guitar)
The material on the enlisted lp is supposed to have been recorded in 1974, but never realesed at the time. The sound quality isn't top & the cover is very sparse on iformation. A lost Kraut gem !

A2-Circum Navigationed Hazard
B2-Final Enigmatic Blaze of Glory Days


Voice of the Seven Woods is the project of a Manchester based musician, Rick Tomlinson, who has released several 7" EPs and self-released CD-Rs. The band (with Chris Walmsley) is most commonly associated with the Manchester alternative music scene, and is regularly associated with the B-Music collective; a Manchester based DJ, Music and Arts collaboration that includes DJ Andy Votel, Super Furry Animals's frontman Gruff Rhys and various other DJs & artists.

Rick Tomlinson began his association with Twisted Nerve Records[1] when he played guitar alongside Dave Tyack[2] on various releases.

Rick's debut album was released on 6 August 2007. Eponymously titled, it was released on both CD and Gatefold vinyl. The US version, distributed by B-Music, contains 2 bonus tracks. It is one of his few unlimited releases to date.

He has played several notable festivals including Green Man Festival in 2005, 2006 and 2007, Supersonic Festival in Birmingham, again in 2006 and 2007[3], and the Moseley Folk Festival, Birmingham[4].

After a period of performing solo, the live band is currently a trio of Rick, Chris Walmsley on drums and Pete Hedley on bass.
Download link has both the "Voice of the Seven Woods" lp & 10" ep "The Journey"
Highly recommended
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by request ATIKO MINUS - SAME

Atiko Minus CD (1999 Greece) were given free along with fanzine, realise from the Ikaros Records 1999. This cd is the first work of this group.The band now is dedicated to the sounds of Roots Reggae and Dub music.

01.(I Don't Find Any Particular Reason For Not Believing In) Small Flying Dinosaurs
02.O Notos Xanthine
03.Atroti Fisi
04.Agnostou Taytotitais Iptameno Antikemeno (part 1)
05.A.T.I.A. (part 2)
06.In D
08.Thelo Na Fygo
10.Afternoon Dream
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KALEIDOSCOPE - 0+∞ (Zero & Infinity) (aka Purple Overdose)

Four Members of the Greek band Purple Overdose (VASILIS KAPANIKIS, ANDREAS ANDRIOPOULOS, HRISTOFOROS TRIADAFILOPOULOS, STAVROS ELEFTHERIOU) plus LETINA PISPINI(organ) as ΚΑΛΕΙΔΟΣΚΟΠΟΙΟ(KALEIDOSCOPE) , realise this lp with title 0+∞ (Zero & Infinity) at 2005. ONLY 100 COPIES. Recording in 3 days at 1998 . Selting to music poems of Kostas Karyotakis .Lp has many inserts & a book with the poems that include in the record

Kostas Karyotakis (Greek: Κώστας Καρυωτάκης, October 30, 1896 – July 20, 1928) is considered one of the most representative Greek poets of the 1920s and one of the first poets to use iconoclastic themes in Greece. His poetry conveys a great deal of nature, imagery and traces of expressionism and surrealism. The majority of Karyotakis' contemporaries viewed him in a dim light throughout his lifetime without a pragmatic accountability for their contemptuous views; for after his suicide,the majority began to revert to the view that he was indeed a great poet. He had a significant, almost disproportionately progressive influence on later Greek poets........KOSTAS KARIOTAKIS 1896 - 1928

Rare as Hell

BATCH - Wait 'til tomorrow

The Minnesota music scene of the 60’s was an exciting and vibrant time. Barry Thomas Goldberg and Gary Paulak started their first band, “The Shambles”, as teenagers in 1966. That year they had their first recording session at the legendary Dove Studios in Bloomington, Minnesota. Peter Steinberg (“Flight Reaction”, Calico Wall) and Dale Menten (“Run, Run, Run”, The Gestures), of Candy Floss Productions, were very impressed with Goldberg and Paulak’s writing talents and made them partners in the original writing and producing team of Candy Floss Productions. Candy Floss had many regional and national releases. The Batch rose from the ashes of Candy Floss and consisted of Barry Thomas Goldberg, Gary Paulak, Arne Fogel, Jay Lee and Whip Lane. The Batch continued recording many hours worth of material in various Twin Cities’ studios but only released one single, “Golden Sun/Hot Summer Nights” (Groove Soup, 1972; Unfortunately, only a handful of these 45s still exist).
The Batch called it quits after years of being on the road touring Mid-America. But these are the raw and vital recordings of a band at the very moment of finding their freedom and independence. This special limited vinyl edition contains priceless rarities for collectors of 60’s and early 70’s Mid-American Rock ‘n’ Roll. Some months ago, The Batch released 21 previously unreleased songs through their own HIJ/BECCA label (which we proudly distribute in Europe) in a CD with the title "Transistor". From all those songs their more psychedelic efforts, present in this 11-track limited vinyl edition.

All of the tracks recorded between 1968 and early 1970 and were home-recordings made on 2-tracks tape-recorders. All of the included songs have been remastered and carefuly restored by the original master-tapes (some also have the original song-length and different mixing) and have a much much better audible result than the "Transistor" CD. From the garage-pop tune of "Ha la la" to the mind-blowing psychedelic "Drifting", from the acid underground sounds of "Wait 'til tomorrow" to the heavy "Untangle your mind" and from the guitar-pyrotechnics of "Freedy Coolchick" to the Dead-like "So sad" this BATCH album is a must for every psychohead and soon it will find its place between the lost US psychedelic jewels.
Track List
01.Ha La La
03.Winter of my Discontet
04.Freddy Coolchick
05.Livin' a Smile
06.Wait 'Til Tomorrow
07.Untangle Your Mind
08.So Sad
09.Feather In My Hat
10.Lord I'm So Tired
11.Maggie Brown

Highly recommended
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A collection of the bands rare 45s, along with five more, until now unreleased studio recordings, plus three home demos. Dateline 1966 - the Pacific Northwest of the USA - a hotbed for numerous local and regional bands following the tradition of the renowned North West Fratrock of the Kingsmen or the uncompromising Rock & Roll of The Sonics and Wailers. Not so the United Travel Service. They were sadly overlooked at the time but are now revered for their two brilliant, killer folkadelic 45 releases "Wind And Stone b/w Drummer Of Your Mind" and "Gypsy Eyes b/w Echo Of You". The UTS were mainly influenced by the San Francisco scene, Garage Rock and the Byrds. Their high quality repertoire, written by guitarist Ben Hoff and produced by New Tweedy Brothers producer Rick Keefer, would have made a classic local psychedelic album if released back then.
Here is the long overdue legacy of one of the Northwests finest psychedelic bands.Track List
01.Wind and Stone
02.Drumer of your Mind
04.Like Me
05.The Slightest Possibility +
ytilibissoP tsethgilS ehT
06.Gypsy Eyes(Final)
07.Echo Of You
08.Gypsy Eyes(Version One)
09.Beyond The Rainbow
10.Crystal Land
11.Plastic Paradise

Highly recommended
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From the mid to late sixties, quite a good number of bands were borrowing elements of Eastern music to add a little mystery and exotica to their sound. Some examples of this trend include the Kinks' '' See my friends'' , the Beatles' '' Norwegian wood'' , the Byrds' '' Eight miles high'' or the Rolling Stones' '' Paint it black'' . Less known than the aforementioned acts, but acknowledged in some circles as masters of the form were the Cedars (also known as Sea- ders). Only, for them it wasn't a case of flirting with foreign culture - they tapped right into the source in their own backyard. Formed in Beirut, Lebanon, around 1964 and originally known as the Top 5, by 1966 they became the Sea- ders (or Cedars!), and recorded a total of 10 tracks until their end in 1968. Two of them were never released, and unavailable. The other eight are now here altogether for the first time, with great remastered sound. The blend of occidental and Eastern music that they delivered is simply amazing.....the classic '' For your information'' (big hit in Turkey at the time as well) is astounding , so are some others as '' Thanks a lot'' or '' Hide if you want to hide''
Track List
01.For Your Information
02.Hide If You Want To Hide
03.I Like The Way
04.I Don't Know Why
05.Thanks a Lot
07.Better Loved
08.Cause I Do Care

Highly recommended
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NO MAN'S LAND - same (2008)

SWIRLING ECHOES - 12 unreleased tracks from greece

12 unreleased tracks from 11 greek 70's bands. All recordings made between 1973 and 1978. Bands included are : Bourboulia, Smile, K.Koukoutaras & Aziteis'i'ons, IXO, Anazitisi, Crisna, V. Hatzinikolaou & Erimites, Stavros, Rembeloi, Brothers.
Also a 7" single is included containing two tracks by Kastores. Heavy rock, progressive jazz, folk, greek ethnic, blues rock and 70's pop elements represent the greek 70's underground music scene. Envelope-like cover made of full coloured thick carton. Yet, two full coloured, illustraded, 4-pages posters/inserts. Bands' info and photos. Plus a photocopy of an original 1973 b/w gig-poster.
Track list
01.Bourboulia - Dimotiko (Traditional)
02.Smile - Petrines Kardies (Harts of Stone)
03.Koukoutaras - To Telos ( The End)
04.IXO - O Dikigoros (The Lawyer)
05.Anazitisi - Antropinos Ponos (Human Pain)
06.Crisna - Grapsto sta perierga (Odd Written)
07.Erimites & Vasilis Hatzinikolaou - Pater Sergios (Pater Sergius)
08.Stavros - Pou Pas (Where are you going)
09.Rebeloi - Zoriki Zoi ( Hard Times)
10.Brothers - Giati ( Why)
7" single
11.Kastores - ksenos zitianos (The Unknown Beggar)
12.Kastores - Polemos esti fonias ( War is the Murderer)

Rip from lp at 320@

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Tomy Brame(guitar) & Bill Pettijohn (vocals) of the well known USA band DRAGONWYCK ,plus Mark Casterline(organ), Tim Layman (bass), Bruce moore (drums) made this 12"vinyl EP at 1981.This 4track Ep has covers of DOORS ..... Gloria, Build me a woman, Alabama song, Back door man. In my opinion, only for collectors reasons .Rip from lp at 320@


From Acid Archives
From NY , produced by Herman Gimbel (Sacred Mushroom) and Ornin Keepnews. Musically, it's a decent early 70's hard rock with organ & fuzz guitar. All material was penned by the leder Carlo Mastrangelo (who also played with Dion and the Belmonts). It's probably one of the few hard rock albums which features a kazoo solo!
Don't confused with PULSE on Poison Ring Label!

Track list
02.Peace I
03.I Want to Live
04.I'LL Cry Tomorrow
05.Why Can't She See Me
06.Peace II
07.She's Coming Home
08.Break of day
09.Long Ago
10.Peace III

Rip from lp at 320@

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Like today ,Before 5 years at 14 Oct. 2004 Vlasis Bonatsos (member of PELOMA BOKIOU) died at the age of 55.

It was Autumn of 1970 when PELOMA BOKIOU born in Athens .The first members was Nikos Daperis, Nikos Logothetidis, Takis Marinakis, Vlasis Bonatsos, Gianis Kiourtsoglou. In the same year circulated the first single Garifale,Garifale-Min Kles (Don't Cry). At 1971 realize the second single "Se afto to spiti (in this house) - An thes ela kai esi(If you Want, Come on)".
Soon, Kiourtsoglou & Logothetidis left the band & replaced by Taki Androutso, Giorgos Stefanakis & Ilias marinakis . With this line up the group create the first & only lp (early 1972). The first press was gatefold and has 10 new tracks (not iclued the singles).
Briefly the company reissued the lp 2 times with single covers & diferent tracks
Βut the constant member changes & litigations, dissolution the group at 1973 ,after the realize of 2 more singles :
Mari Maria- An Ixera (If I Knew) 1972 (from the lp)
Oi Magoi ( The Wizards) - Programatismos (Programming) 1973

LP (back cover) says ...
"We belive that , the MUSIC IS LOVE. United we'll be continue to make MUSIC"

Unfortunate not.....

At 1996 the Greek Magazine "POP & ROCK" realize a cd with all 16 songs as a Complete Discography.
PELOMA BOKIOU appears in the Greek film " A FREE GIRL"(aka "A Strange Girl) singing the song "Oi Magoi (The Wizards)".But all the movie actualy is a soundrack with music of PELOMA BOKIOU.
History says Peloma Bokiou was better in live stages . From the original DVD (NOT from Yutube), I rip 4 videos with the tracks :
Anatrihila (Shiver).avi
Imnos sti Zoi (Hymn to Life).avi
Kapios Petheni (Someone Dies).avi
Oi Magoi (The Wizards).avi

The download link has the audio CD rip at 320@
Full artwork from lp, cd etc.
4 videos clip (made by me) from the movie
357 MB total. Just take the PART 1 if you have allready the CD


I spend all the day to create ,ripping ,capturing photos ....but the result is that . I had the joy to listen this 16 songs again and again and again again and again and again again and again and again again and again and again again and again and again..........