Monday, November 2, 2009


From Acid Archives
"Universe" 1977 (PBR International 7002)

The opening “Rock In The Sky” starts with a little acoustic guitar, then, wham! Synthesizers come in double barreled, with a loud bass-y one anchoring the song and a higher more unpredictable one soloing over it. THIS is a synthesizer song! It would only be a couple of years before digital synths would rule the world and the instrument would ruin a lot of otherwise good music, so it’s hard to remember how cool the early analogue synths could be. Here it’s as powerful and as mind expanding as any guitars. There’s no way anything else on this album could come close to the first song, and the subsequent songwriting is only OK, though the synth playing remains creative and surprising. Unfortunately the wooden singing really drags this music down, and the rest of the album as a whole is kind of a disappointment despite some cool moments scattered throughout. The mix of space-rock and Christian themes is unique, making this fall into the “I didn’t know Christians made music like that” category. This is the kind of record that makes you wish that certain musicians would take a secondary role with a better artist rather than choose to lead their own band. It’s tantalizing to think how cool this synth player would have been in another context. [AM]
From Mike Musiclover
I love this lp, but this is my oppinion ! Some love it, some not ! So, you have the oportunity to listen this , as never realased at CD .


  1. Καλα ρε "κουφαλα" mike που το βρηκες αυτο το album?Ψαχνω χρονια να βρω μια κοπια και δεν μπορω να βρω Χριστο.Τεσπα και παλι πολυ καλη δουλεια...

  2. Σε καταλαβαινω απολυτα!! Και εγω ψαχνω καποια πραγματα που οσα και αν διαθετεις δυσκολα τα βρισκεις . Αυτο το πηρα σφραγισμενο ,σε αξια που ξητημα αν παιρνεις μια κουτα τσιγαρα απο τα φτηνα ! Σ'αυτο το lp ημουν τυχερος . ΚΑΙ ΠΟΥ ΝΑ ΔΕΙΣ ΤΙ LP ΘΑ ΑΝΑΒΕΣΩ ΣΕ ΛΙΓΕΣ ΜΕΡΕΣ....

  3. Thank you for the music and for the Lovecraft present.

  4. Thank you for the music and Lovecraft video.