Monday, November 8, 2010

Judi Resnick - You've Heard My Voice

Rare to find folk record from USA
Unknown to me the date of released
Any infos are wellcome
Listen "You've Heard My Voice"

Track List
a1.900 Miles
a2.Trouble In Mind
a3.Mr. Noah
a4.Dink's Song
a6.Blues Prelude

b1.Don't Think Twice
b2.Why and Why
b3.Crow On The Cradle
b5.Three Little Piggies
b6.You've Heard My Voice



  1. what a folk minx!
    great take on Dink's Song and Dylan too. Thanks for the opportunity to hear it.

  2. Do you have any more of her? I'm dying to hear it!

  3. Only this lp I have seen in my life. I don't now if there is another one

  4. According to the recording engineer for S&M Master Recording, this was recorded ca. 1962. There may have been another recording, done live in a Boston coffee house, but he's not sure that it was ever released.

    Thanks for making this available. Judi and I graduated from the same high school (I in 1959, she in 1962) and hearing this is a "touch of the old home town".

  5. The anonymous respondent to went to school with her/knew the recording enginee...
    please contact me at .
    I have some questions for him

    Mike Musiclover

  6. Hello again Mike Musiclover. I contacted you in March regarding this record...asked if you could contact the person who had known Judi Resnick. Now it seems I'm doing serious research, I would like to know where/how/when YOU found this record. Thanks very much...

    1. Hello again ,
      Never forget you.
      I found it at ebay , long time ago .
      Unfortunately anonymous (her schoolmate), never contact me !!

  7. Thanks so much, Mike. May I identify your blog if my research actually turns into a book or article? I've also located a two-record tribute album from 1982, put together by her friends after her death(mostly recordings from the 70s)and it seems there were at least 10 tracks recorded in NYC in 1965...

  8. No, I havent' problem .Use any infos or photos you like ...
    this blog has things (....and thinks ) for free .
    I'm just a music lover and I'll to share some music records that I have with others persons who loves music as me ..

  9. Hi Mike and all anonymous, i'm interested to Judi (life and discography) do you you have any news about her, I searched on web but without great success!