Sunday, April 5, 2009


" So sweet your form,
I laugh when you appearance.
Your body,
naked at the end of the earth.
Your eyes,
the blue of the lake.
Your lips ,
the hot of the fire.
Your hands,
sickles on my shoulder....
...January...I Told you...I Love you.."
From track "Your sweet face "

The art of culture !!!!!!!!! A $$$ lp from Greece 1973 . Music by H.Halaris ,Lyrics by G.Kakoulidis , Vocals By N.Ksilouris , Dafni Zouni & H.Halaris. A mix of local folklore elements ,with a lot of different musical instruments . A totaly tripy listen ,NOT(??) ROCK , NOT(??) PSYCH ,but a journey in the endless tunel of life . A jurney to the clouds & beyond. Inside the gatefold cover Dafni Zouni-H.Halaris-Nikos Ksilouris Inside the gatefold cover Nikos Ksilouris-Dafni zouni

Christodoulos Halaris is a leading expert on the study and reconstruction of ancient Greek and Byzantine music. He turned to musicology and composing after studying mathematics in Paris. Taking his cues from religious iconography and traditional popular Greek music, Halaris began reconstructing fragmentary (and sometimes nonexistent) old Greek music documents. His re-imagining of secular Byzantine music, with what Halaris identifies as roots in Hellenic song, has met with skepticism from some scholars, but it is based on a serious study of a number of sources and centuries of related developments in Greek music.
There is a reissue with single cover ,but never had saw it !!! You are very lucky if you find the missing CD !!

Have a great listen!!



  1. A true masterpiece. I listened to this album a couple years ago and since then I consider it my top greek album. My favourite piece is ""Kyrie Eleison", it's just so beautiful.

    Greetings from Mexico City

  2. hello, can someone please re-up this album? i've heard it before and it is amazing. i need this in my life!!! thank you.

  3. Dear dre... the link working fine !!!

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  5. Would it be possible a re-upload?
    Thanks for posting this info, quite valuable.
    Regards from Playa del Carmen

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