Friday, November 27, 2009

MIDDLE EARTH & AXE - S/T (plus unknown artist)

Side 1 is a 4-track demo from '69 by middle earth. Side 2 has 4 tracks from '74 by Axe plus 2 tracks by artist unknown from '71. Includes a version of spirits "i got a line you".
All tracks are very intresting!!

A1.Middle Earth-Witchcraft
A2.Middle Earth-Ride
A3.Middle Earth-I've Got a Line on You
A4.Middle Earth-My Friend
B1.Axe-Rushing to the Earth
B2.Axe-Away From The City
B3.Axe-Rushing to the Earth(instr.)
B5.unknown artist-Smiling Sisters
B6.unknown artist-River Lane

For Axe also look here

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  1. Thanks for post.Just listening to Axe tracks and very difficult to know if it is the original band (no information on the album back cover) and in the beginning of the seventies music was changing so quickly ( T2 with and without Keith Cross).All tracks interesting on the album even the Unknow artist.Thanks again for this rarity.

  2. Yes, it's difficult to know if it is the same AXE band .

  3. I've just been turned on to Axe and have become obsessed with finding anything about and from them.

  4. I've become obsessed with Axe, just recently finding out about them.