Sunday, October 30, 2011

SHAW ALLEN SHAW - This Side That Side & South Fork Crow Rive


A dorky-looking early 1970s trio with acoustic guitars ,
electric bass, and drums.
The band (using an expanded setting) played local ballrooms and lounges which explains the odd cover selection, ranging from acoustic folk to  things like "Long Tall Texan" and "Games People Play".
There are also Dylan And Beatles covers, along with two band originals. The albums rarity may be more noteworthy than any overt musical qualities.
The band was known as The defiants During the teenbeat era, and in 1972 recorded a second album , "South Fork Crow River".

The  "This Side , That Side " lp hasn't something special exept the
"High Flyin Bird " and 2-3 more songs
Mike Shaw - Bass and Vocals
Terry Shaw - Drums and Vocals
JIm Allen -     Guitar and Vocals

"South Fork Crow River" lp for me it's much better .
Same line-up plus Dewey Larson on keyboards, harmonica and vocals.
"Love is Gone" was written by Dennis Shaw, yet another Shaw brother.



Rare Privately pressed Funk LP from Tennessee. Five piece including female vocalist/organist, guitar, bass, drums and flute.

It was performed by a group from McMinnville Tennessee playing live at a venue in bowling green, Kentucky, date was 1973. The album was engineered and mixed by al gore. no, not that Al Gore!

Lonely Soul Delegation was the house band at Knights Inn on 31W ByPass during the late seventies.  Six nights a week patrons enjoyed covers from groups like Foghat, Lynyrd Skynyrd and Elvis as well as Disco hits and quite a few Country hits.  The early lineup featuring Gary Goodwin and his wife Sue with Jerry Kendall on drums produced an LP.

Members: The Lonely Souls saw several changes in membership throughout their reign at Knights Inn.
  • Gary Goodwin - guitar, lead vocals
  • Reggie Jaggers - guitar, bass, vocals (1976-1979)
  • Kenny Sturke - keyboards
  • Paul Barlow - bass
  • Mitchell Plumlee - drums (1976-1977)
  • Sue Goodwin - vocals, keyboards
  • Jerry Kendall - drums
  • Alan Borders - drums
  • Tim Cox - drums
  • Smokin Joe - guitar


Here is a great surprise for us. An unknown UK album with such a great musical potential. Musically it is a very powerful guitar dominated underground rock such as Black Sabbath, Blue Cheer, Dark or Grannie. The rarety factor is way above all those other rare UK album, which stay in low pressings of 99 copies and 15-20 such as Dark. This one has been pressed only 4 times ever. In September 1971 Eugene Carnan entered a UK-wide competition for “Best New Band” run by the famous Melody Maker magazine, they recorded the album in 1972 and took it to London to Eden Studios for a demo pressing and cut 4 acetates. Eugene Carnan a 3 piece band are from The Rhondda Valley, in South Wales, UK with guitar & vocals, bass and drums. All own composition. A killer album from beginning to end.

ΣΤΕΛΙΟΣ ΦΩΤΙΑΔΗΣ - ΚΑΙΝΟΥΡΓΕΙΑ ΜΕΡΑ 1975 (Stelios Fotiadis - New Day)

Extremely rare greek record from an ex-member of Nostradamos Stelios Fotiadis.
Back at 1975 on Lyra label.
Singers  are also well known from the greek 70's rock scene.
Vlasis Bonatsos (ex-member of Peloma Bokiou)
Despina Glezou (also from Nostradamos) and
Dimitris Psarianos  .
Also there is   exist a single with the 2 songs by
Psarianos To "Tabourlo/ o Paliatsos" (Lyra records 1975)