Saturday, September 25, 2010

1776 - Same

First was "The Quintels"
(also known as Bobby & The Quintels and The Kwintels).
After The Kwintels broke up there was "The Tea" .
After that was born 1776 band

For more infos check this

Track List
A1 Memories
A2 But It's All
A3 The Way You Are
A4 Sadman
A5 Only You Know & I Know
B1 Jesus Is Just Alright
B2 Brothers & Sisters
B3 Your My Woman
B4 Look
B5 Country Star Listen "Jesus is Just Allright"

1776 promotional photo (taken from



  1. Thanks Mike, i've had my wonders about this outfit for some time, soon i will know how they sound. You realy know how to find the good stuff in the vinyljungle.

  2. Thank you for this rare one!!