Sunday, January 31, 2010

Esperanza Encantada -S/T

From Acid Archives
"Esperanza Encantada" 1970 (Certron 7016)
Young Hispanic vocal group doing mixed English and Spanish language material, about half covers of the Beatles, Stones, and Tim Hardin. The rest is originals with crystal clear teenage female vocals. Highly rated by some. The trio is backed by a pick-up band who provide some fuzz on "Gimme shelter" among the folkrockers.
From Mike Musiclover
I found a download link for this one ,but hasn't the correct track list & one track missing.
I can found also a good link.So I rip my copy for all off you ( I rip also some scratch but with the correct track order)
A1 Sea asi (Let It Be)
A2 Si yo fuera carpintero (If I Were a Carpenter)
A3 Dame abrigo (Gimme Shelter)
A4 Adios mi amor (Goodbye My Love)
A5 Manna
B1 Hey Jude
B2 Brillara la luz (Will the Light Ever Shine)
B3 Labrador de tierra negra (BLack Land Farmer)
B4 Turba sollozante (Sobbing Crowd)
B5 Buenos tiempos vendran (Good Times are Coming)
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A new (very sad) comment on Danny Taylor by David


  1. No los conozco y eso que son paisanos mios. Muchas gracias, como siempre discos raros y de mucha calidad. Thank you very much from Spain.


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    Howard Nishioka - street songs

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