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Esperanza Encantada -S/T

From Acid Archives
"Esperanza Encantada" 1970 (Certron 7016)
Young Hispanic vocal group doing mixed English and Spanish language material, about half covers of the Beatles, Stones, and Tim Hardin. The rest is originals with crystal clear teenage female vocals. Highly rated by some. The trio is backed by a pick-up band who provide some fuzz on "Gimme shelter" among the folkrockers.
From Mike Musiclover
I found a download link for this one ,but hasn't the correct track list & one track missing.
I can found also a good link.So I rip my copy for all off you ( I rip also some scratch but with the correct track order)
A1 Sea asi (Let It Be)
A2 Si yo fuera carpintero (If I Were a Carpenter)
A3 Dame abrigo (Gimme Shelter)
A4 Adios mi amor (Goodbye My Love)
A5 Manna
B1 Hey Jude
B2 Brillara la luz (Will the Light Ever Shine)
B3 Labrador de tierra negra (BLack Land Farmer)
B4 Turba sollozante (Sobbing Crowd)
B5 Buenos tiempos vendran (Good Times are Coming)
Take it HERE
A new (very sad) comment on Danny Taylor by David

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Bill Nelson (new Link)

This is not my fault but Mediafire . Sorry but Mediafire is good for download , but very strange for free-user uploaders. You can download the 2 missing tracks (No 6 and No8) here

or again all the file here
& here

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Excellent guitarist Bill Nelson, was born in Wakefield and at early age playing guitar and organized a variety of bands. Northern Dream is the first solo Lp (1971)
Holyground was a meeting place for Wakefield's beat scene, and Nelson was invited to play on records released by the studio's own label, also called Holyground. He played guitar on a track on the 1971 album, "A-Austr", a titled culled from an encyclopaedia reference. He also performed on three songs on "Astral Navigations", a similar LP assembled by the Holyground collective, together with Preston heavy rock band Thundermother. The albums were sold through the Record Bar, but their tiny pressing runs led to them fetching huge sums on the progressive rock market by the mid-1980'sMore Bill Nelson here
New Link

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Friday, January 22, 2010

by request PARCHMENT - Light Up The Fire

The first lp from 1972.
For detailing info about Parchment visit
Down , down , down ....on the ground
PS. Please let me know immediately if you have problem with any LINK
Charles Brutus McClay Link sounds bad & I'll replace with a new .
I'm so sorry for the double download , but I'm not a sound engineer.

I'm Just a Musiclover.....

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Charles Brutus McClay - bad link

All rip's in this blog made by me using the Nero program at wav format. After the riping
the songs converted to 320mp3.

At Charles Brutus McClay lp , the ripping converted directly at 320mp3 .

I believe this way of ripping create a bad audio .
A friend of this blog , tell me the problem .
I had delete the old link until make a new one (I believe in the next 24 hours).

Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Charles Brutus McClay - Bottled In France

France-based Scottish Charles Brutus McClay ,
has 3-4 singles & one Lp from 1970 "Bottled In France".
One of my fave lp from my record collection.
Download link has also a non lp track from the single
(has also post here)

All tracks all original exept "Until It's Time For You To Go"+"Codeine"
of Buffy Ste-Marie and "When I Was A Young Man" of Tim Rose.
Unknown the 6 members of the band, which appears as DAVE, DIDIER, JEAN,

New LinkHere


Jon Abnor put out several records on the Abnak label in 1963 and 1964. Although they got a bit of airplay in Dallas, they didn't chart nationally. Meanwhile, he spent his time running the day-to-day operations of his father's record label. In 1965, after an unsuccessful attempt to go to a national audience by releasing a single on Atco, Jon was paired with female vocalist Javonne Braga as the duo Jon & Robin. (Javonne was called Robin because she was a replacement for the first singer, Robin Beavers, who quit before the duo started recording.) As it turned out, the duet proved to be a better arrangement for Jon's success, with several chart records nationally. Their first hit was "Do It Again A Little Bit Slower" [Abnak 119], which reached the national top-20 in late spring, 1967. This and several followup singles were billed as "Jon & Robin & the In Crowd."

More info here Event

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From Acid Archives
"Mandrake" 1977 (Crazy Cajun cclp-1097)

Heavy bluesy guitar rock recorded 1973. Features the Valerio Brothers, Vinny and Danny. Vinny is an incredible left-handed guitarist and his brother Danny is a very capable bassist. Produced Huey P Meaux. [RM]

From Mike Musiclover
The date on cover is 1978 . With lp's of Jesse Lankford the best numbers of Crazy Cajun Records.
Cover hasn't the line up, so the only information come from Acid Archives. A lost , Rare & Not Reissued record from this Heavy Bluesrock Band

If you are thirsty, here is the

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A new artist from Greece (Dimitris Tsaknakis) ask me to present in this blog his first work. It's a promo & I find it very interesting . After my first listen , without a second thought, I deside to post it.
The music style is a mix of the local greek folk(rebetiko) & the new sound of '00, in a rock package . Greek lyrics.
Listen HERE
PS. Kullu Wahhad means "all in one" in the arabian language

Sunday, January 3, 2010

ΤΑ ΠΑΙΧΝΙΔΙΑ ΤΟΥ ΗΛΙΟΥ(Tricks of the Sun) - S/T

70's sound & chaotic spirit in an absolute utopic LP produced: 2007 - released Jan 2009.

Great crystal sound, with many space folk themes, trippy flutes, majestic female vocals, dreamy childs voice, heavy dope psych melodies.

Spyros Rouchotas plays on all 9 instruments - flute, pipe, acoustic and electric guitar, bass, keyboards, acoustic and electric drums, native instruments and sounds- He lateron mixed them all together, to deliver a stunning single outcome.
Rare private issue in only 300 copies.

Highly Recommended!!

Saturday, January 2, 2010

ALLISON - People From Outer Space

Allison is a exceptional Greek neo-psychedelic band, which was formed in 2003 by HUMAN GRAPE guitarist, 3 ex PURPLE OVERDOSE members and an interesting female singer.
The band has opened for groups such as the Fuzztones, the Electric Prunes, Radio Birdman, the Walkabout etc. during their recent Athens performances.
With People from Outer Space, their first album, ALLISON may well look straight into the eyes of the best contemporary neo-psychedelic/ progressive, spacerock groups worldwide.
English lyrics

01.People from outer space
02.San francisco nightmare
03.Everyday Sunday
04.Keep on rolling
05.Midnight love
06.California sun
07.Run and hide
08.Midnight ride
09.Good reason
10.Call of the wild

Highly Recommended


SUN OF GREECE is one of the best kept secrets of the early 70s Greek psychedelic era. Their music is perfectly comparable with SOCRATES and FOUR LEVELS OF EXISTENCE with excellent hard psychedelic progressive sound, great fuzz guitars and hammond organ.
The band was formed in Germany by three Greek expatriates and one German in 1972. Original Greek lyrics were written during military service under dictatorship in the early 70s.
After the fall of the military junta, the band returned to Greece and released privately one of the rarest Greek singles ever, the holy grail for collectors of 70s Greek psychedelic progressive music. At the same time, they recorded several other songs, which were supposed to become their first album, but remained totally unreleased until today.
This compilation presents for the first time ever these songs and their rare single, i.e. everything that has been recorded by SUN OF GREECE between 1972 and 1975, 9 tracks in total

Recommended !!

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Happy new year to everybody out there ..............
My PC is ready to up new records !!!!!
Lets stick together, cmon cmon lets stick together...................