Saturday, March 6, 2010

(by request) KEYHOLE - GLORY

You must have musical education to understand , what happen at Keyhole's lp's.
Also , these records hasn't any connection with psych-rockish and heavy rock community . More folkish ,artistic with delicate and heavenly voices . The voice of Mimi Armstrong came directly from Edem !
"Glory" lp is by far the best record at Keyhole's discography . Tracks like "Peace" , "Glory" ,"Sing, Sing Alleluia" are fallen stars.
The second one that must listen is the "Sweet Jesus".Go here to do this Discography (?)
1968 The Way In
1969 (?) Hallelujah, Jesus Is Lord
1970 (?) Room in the In
1971 (?) Glory
1974 Sweet Jesus

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  1. Great posts Mike, sadly track 7 is corrupt on this album (Glory) 8(

  2. I just put a new link. If someone has problem with the old link (track 7 corrupt) download this track from

  3. Early albums is better than '74!
    Great thanks!


  4. Thanks Mike! For us who can remember the Jesus Movement and all the great music from this period the Keyhole albums are a must.