Friday, October 30, 2009

WOBBLE JAGGLE JIGGLE - Overflowing Bowl of Green Jelly

WOBBLE JAGGLE JIGGLE is a psychedelic band from Brighton which get's it's inspiration both from the present and the past.The two big highlights of this band are the strong and sensuous voice of singer Caroline Davey(the grace of GRACE SLICK, combined with the power of JANIS JOPLIN) and the fabulous guitarplay of Robert Chambers, which shows obvious influences of legends like JIMI HENDRIX and SYD BARRETT. Since 1990, Have existed in Brighton, playing gigs around the south of England and parts of Belgium. For more info visit
Where once there was Wobble Jaggle Jiggle, there now is only..DADDY FANTASTIC
ROBERT CHAMBERS gtr, bass gtr, vcls
CAROLINE DAVEY vcls, keyb'ds, hrmnca

A1 Flame of life
A2 Toke & joke club
A3 Wasting my time
A4 Cosmic ride
A5 Force of feedback
B1 My room
B2 Dark stroll
B3 Travelling by armchair
B4 Smoking my reefer
B5 Goodnight

The voice of Caroline is amazing !!!!! This lp from 1994 it's also amazing !!! One of my fave records from 90's. Where is Caroline now? The only informations that I know is that, Carolin
also sang in Cherokee Mist for a while and recorded at least one album(unreleased).The best music CHEROKEE MIST recorded was with Caroline Davey from WOBBLE JAGGLE JIGGLE sharing the vocals with John Redfern. This was going to be released as an LP on the Tangerine label, until the master tapes dissapeared? She also sang for Mandragora on a track called"This is..."on their 1994 album"Temple Ball".......................I love you Caroline !!!!!!

Highly recommended
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  1. Killer psych album, THANK YOU!!! Do they have any more releases?

  2. This group has 3-4 MC's and 2 LP's .The second lp is from 1999 caled "It came from nowhere". I have it also. I rip it and uploaded soon . As far as I know , no cd's exist. Thanks for you comment

  3. I'll look forward to hearing their other release! I'm really digging this one A LOT!! Thanks again!

  4. Many thanks for posting the Caroline Davey CD, I didn't know it existed, came across Caroline recently as "dark priestess" on Ebay selling WJJ Lps to finance her own work. Do you by any chance have the Spiralize Surprize mc as that is the only one I haven't been able to get. So sad about the death of Robert Chambers earlier this year.

  5. Dear Anonymous.... No CD's Exist from WJJ. My posts are vinyl rips. Anyway , I haven't any MC"s , but searching

  6. Finally! After all these years with THAT name following me around on my musical journey through life, I actually get to listen to their music. Seems they've been around for ever, but their music is so hard to find. Not surprising as most was cassette only.
    Thanks so much for this post. BIG HUGS!

  7. Great discovery!! Thank you! What a cool woman and cool band!